multimedia video: Watch the Cast of Downton Abbey Guess the Meaning of Real 1920s Slang video: Kermit and Pepe on How to Promote a Muppets Movie

MSNBC Interview: Appearance on Weekends with Alex Witt

Audio Slideshow: Sculpting an NYC Pottery Community

The Chelsea Ceramic Guild, a pottery studio on West 19th Street in Manhattan, has been a community space for ceramics enthusiasts for over two decades. While the studio itself has not changed too much, continuing to offer working space and lessons, the neighborhood has. High rents have driven out some of the quirkier elements of the area and, particularly as the art market struggles to right itself after an economic downtown that was dearly felt in buyers’ wallets, that change can be felt within the Guild.

Video: Ukulele Renaissance

After years as the joke of the musical world, one instrument is getting some serious play.

Audio: Assimilating and Curing Cawfee Talk (New York City News Service)

From a home office in Astoria and a conference space in midtown, Jeffrey Davis runs Speak Clear Communications, a speech and accent coaching business. He uses stage and linguistics training to help people who are self-conscious about their accents play the part of native speakers, and he’s found that the downturn in the economy has driven more and more people to want to brush up on their nasals and fricatives.

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